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So, I fucked up a bit...

A couple weeks ago, while I was procrastinating packing for a move, I found an interesting web player to add to my neocities page that would play my playlists. I was moving a bit too fast and I added the files to my dashboard, and one of them overwrote my index page.

So, if you've been to my page during the last week of February and the first week of March, you may have seen my mess. Oopsies!

Anyhow, I'm trying to fix it all now, and this page will once again be what it's supposed to be-- My landing page! It might take a while before it looks much like how it used to, but I'm finally all settled in the new place and ready to get back to webmastering!

Slackers C-Box

- Updates -


  • 5th - Cleaned up RWBY shrine, Blog update, Updated some links on the LOZ shrine


  • 5th - Started work on RWBY shrine, Blog update


  • 11th - Got rid of the webdeck player nonsense!